Hemispheric Caribbean Series

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The Hemispheric Caribbean Series is led by the Hemispheric Caribbean Studies Group. The group is committed to encouraging and facilitating cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration among Caribbean-focused scholars at UM, in South Florida, across the Caribbean, and beyond.

Led by Dr. Sallie Hughes, Senior Faculty Research lead

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Co-led by Dr. Maria J. Olascoaga and Dr. Martin Nesvig

Led by Ileana Porras, Faculty Lead for Social Justice in the Americas

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The Perfect Storm

11.03.2017.  Hurricane Maria has caused a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

10.20.2017. Dialogues and collaborations to build stronger relations with the Caribbean
04.27.2017. A study conducted in Haiti was presented by UM scholars at a Town Hall

03.29.2017. Dialogue and collaboration among Caribbean-focused scholars
Led by Dr. Patricia Saunders, Faculty Lead for Hemispheric Caribbean Studies