The Institute is key at convening and supporting scholarship relevant to the Americas. Following are some of the recent discussions, symposia, research lunches and special presentations sponsored and organized by the institute.

"The University of Miami leverages its unique geographic advantage to forge research, academic exchange, and innovation-driven partnerships that improve the quality of life throughout the Americas. Having an institute that is devoted to the advanced study of the Americas continues our great tradition of collaboration among students and scholars throughout the hemisphere and positions the University as a force for integration throughout the world.“

President, University of Miami
Former Minister of Health, Mexico



Survivors, experts discuss how to prevent gender-based violence

The University’s Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas invited Gloria Estefan, along with national and international leaders, to talk about sexual assault and about using a “framework of prevention, healing, and justice.”

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University health economist heads new commission to examine inequities in global cancer care

Felicia Marie Knaul, a professor affiliated with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and director of the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, will lead a new Lancet commission focused on building a connection between cancer and health care systems.


How do migrations shape cities?

Papers presented during a three-day conference hosted by the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas will explore how migration influenced nine different cities on three continents.

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Imploding regional governments fuel immigration crisis

Failed governments, misinformation, and increasing inequality between the U.S. and undeveloped countries in the Americas are impelling the current border crisis, according to University of Miami scholars.