Sallie L Hughes

Assoc. Professor
Faculty Director and Senior Faculty Research Area Lead for Latin American Studies


(305) 284-8163
Sallie Hughes, Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Management, earned her PhD in Latin American Studies from the Roger Thayer Stone Center at Tulane University. She is the Faculty Director and Senior Faculty Research Area Lead for Latin American Studies at UMIA. Hughes is author of Newsrooms in Conflict: Journalism...

Martin A Nesvig

Assoc. Professor
Mexico and Mesoamerica Co-Faculty Lead - UMIA


(305) 284-5963
Born and raised in San Diego, California, Martin Nesvig consumes a steady diet of Mexican exceptionalism.  His research and reading interests derive from his training in early modern Hispanic society and Viceregal Mexico.  Topically he is a religious historian and a historian of the cultural history of politics, especially in...

Maria J Olascoaga



(305) 421-4647
Maria Josefina Olascoaga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ocean Sciences at the Rosenstiel School. Her research focuses on the study of transport and mixing in the ocean. She has contributed to make the modern dynamical systems concept of Lagrangian Coherent Structures widely recognized by the international oceanographic community...

Ileana M. Porras

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4551

Michael Touchton

Asst. Professor
Global Health Associate Faculty Lead - UMIA


Dr. Touchton studies the political economy of development and underdevelopment in a comparative setting. His areas of interest include how countries attract investment and promote economic growth, how they reduce poverty and promote human development, and how they redevelop following the departure of major industries. Much of his research occurs...