Strategies for Synergy


The Americas in the 21st Century

The Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas is supported by the University of Miami, a hemispheric university that is poised to become a leader in research and convening throughout the hemisphere and beyond.

As we move forward together, we ask for your support to better address long-term solutions to the region’s challenges, embracing the opportunities that come with our geographic endowment.


University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas Annual Fund 

Unrestricted gifts to the institute provide the director with flexible funding to enrich programs, support new initiatives, and help meet unanticipated needs. These gifts enable the institute to seize opportunities as they arise in order to enhance its programs.

Women's Cancers in the Americas Fund

Breast and cervical cancer are leading killers of women throughout Latin America, yet these diseases are preventable or curable if diagnosed and treated early. Developing innovative, integrated, and effective programs to address women’s cancers in the Americas requires cross-disciplinary, hemispheric synergies that link patient care, research, training, and advocacy. By working through channels of civil society to promote patient engagement, there is the potential to strengthen health systems, improve women’s cancer care, and defend the right to health care, close the divide in access to cancer care, and advance the cause of gender equity. Support critical work in making this happen in partnership with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Judaism in Latin America and the Caribbean Fund

The institute is undertaking groundbreaking work to study and map the religious, cultural, social, and economic impact of Judaism throughout the Americas, including work in the Caribbean mapping religious structures. Working with experts from across the university, this project will shed light on the important contributions Judaism has played in the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Endowed Faculty Leadership-Latin America and the Caribbean

More than ever, an inter-disciplinary, multi-cultural, hemisphere-wide approach to collaboration is the way toward advancing academic research of the highest quality and addressing some of the most pressing challenges faced in the Americas today. To support research objectives, the University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas appoints four faculty leads to guide the hemispheric vision in Latin America and the Caribbean with a particular attention to health, energy and the environment, gender
and social development, and social justice.

Endowed Policy Dialogue and Lecture Series-Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Building on the legacy, tradition and experience of both the University of Miami’s Center for Hemispheric Policy and the Center for Latin American Studies, the institute is a hemispheric hub for connecting relevant scholarship and furthering policy dialogue, and has continued to build multi-stakeholder partnerships across the Americas. The Endowed Policy Dialogue and Lecture Series enhance collaborative scholarship and offer opportunities for the community to hear from experts across the Americas. A gift to support the institute’s research lunch series and special presentations will provide students, faculty and the local community with increased opportunities for dialogue and exchange on issues of relevance to the region.

Endowed Distinguished Graduate Fellow

Support to the new generations of scholars is critical to the institute’s efforts as it addresses some of the most pressing challenges that we face in the Americas today and contributes to lasting social change. Since 2012, this initiative has provided qualified Ph.D. candidates with a primary focus on Latin America, the Caribbean, or the Diasporas of these regions, with a tuition waiver and a full graduate stipend in exchange for their involvement in research work with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ways to Give

There are many ways in which you can make your gift. To learn more, please contact Michael Graybeal at 305-284-9536 or