Lancet Commission on Cancer And Health Systems

The new Lancet Commission on Cancer And Health Systems is co-chaired by Dr. Felicia Marie Knaul, Dr. Patricia J. Garcia, and Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz.

Across the globe, cancer is a major health challenge yet many health systems in low- and middle-income countries lack the capacity to meet even the most basic of patients’ cancer needs – both acute and long-term.

This new Commission aims to “raise the bar” on global cancer care and control by leveraging technology and data science to challenge the status quo and steer toward outcomes that are high quality, equitable, and accessible to all. It will adopt an economics of hope aimed at improved and affordable outcomes that can be achieved by harnessing synergies between health systems and cancer. Accelerating progress for cancer care and for health systems requires embracing innovation, taking advantage of positive externalities, and challenging current dogma. Getting cancer care and control “right” can help meet the challenge of universal health coverage, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that has laid bare stark disparities in health care access.

Strong health systems require strong cancer systems and strong cancer systems strengthen health systems. This symbiotic relationship should be cultivated and leveraged to substantively advance universal health coverage. Yet, it has been largely ignored in global health. The Commission seeks to remedy and respond to this gap in knowledge and know-how.

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