Using the rowdy, raunchy, and violent life histories of the local officials and settlers who first colonized Mexico, this iconoclastic book reveals the inherent difficulties of imposing a colonial order in the Americas.

Connectivity of Pulley Ridge With Remote Locations as Inferred From Satellite‐Tracked Drifter Trajectories

This book is the first comprehensive treatment in English of the ideology and practice of the Inquisitional censors, focusing on the case of Mexico from the 1520s to the 1630s. Others have examined the effects of censorship, but Martin Nesvig employs a nontraditional approach that focuses on the inner logic of censorship in order to examine the collective mentality, ideological formation, and practical application of ideology of the censors themselves.

Extracting quasi-steady Lagrangian transport patterns from the ocean circulation: An application to the Gulf of Mexico

Lagrangian dynamical geography of the Gulf of Mexico