Research Lunch Series

Giving Voice to Foreign-born Latinx Youth: Trauma and Health in Primary Care

sustainable concrete

Sustainable Concrete

11.8.2017. An examination of land concentration in Colombia

10.23.2017. Independent digital media and civil society in Cuba
10.04.2017. A roadmap of the Colombian peace process

09.26.2017. Memoirs of Josep Conangla written in the 1960s

05.08.2017. USA Influence in the Legal Construction of the Foreigner

04.25.2017. Insider Perspectives on Mexico's Criminal Justice System
04.20.2017. The Future of U.S.-E.U. Relations and its Effects on the Western Hemisphere

04.18.2017. Cuban Architects at Home and in Exile: The Modernist Generation
04.04.2017. The Role of Social Skills and Networks in the Fight against Poverty

03.30.2017. Science, Politics and Research Integrity in Latin America and the Caribbean

03.24.2017. The Media and Populism in Latin America: Lessons for the U.S. and beyond

03.23.2017. Gender Illegality in the Lives of Undocumented Young Adults
03.07.2017. The Cultural Legacy of the Soldadera and Afro-Mexican Women

02.20.2017. The History of Statelesness in the Dominican Republic
02.27.2017. Rusty Pipes and Broken Toilets: The Water and Sanitation Crisis in Cuba

02.09.2017. Hurricane risks, direct foreign investment and sustainable tourism in the Caribbean

01.24.2017. History of Drug Trafficking in Colombia during the 1930s and early 1980s

11.29.2016. Problematization of Immigration in U.S. Election News Coverage
11.15.2016. Is there a Latin American Journalism Culture? Professional Identity, Situation and Roles

11.10.2016. Does Democracy Breed Relief? Participatory Governance, Mosquito Abatement, and Zika in Brazil