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  • 2019 Tinker/UMIA Field Research Grant Recipients

    Manuel Bernal Escobar - "Long-term effects of climate change on tree growth and water use efficiency along an elevational gradient in northern Andes of Colombia"

    Rosario Concha - "Women in Abortion Cases in Chile (1874-1950)"

    Lidiana de Moraes - “Sowing Women, Harvesting a Nation: Rethinking Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique through Female Discourses”

    Eric Griffin - “A Nation from the Ashes: Paraguay in the Early Twentieth

    Laura Iesue - "Security on Paper. Security in Practice: Crime Prevention and Control in Guatemala"

    Christine Pardo - "The Cultural Values and Perceptions of Plant Invasions in a Rural Community of San Vito, Costa Rica"

    Olivia Pineiro Ramirez - "Rapid hurricane and anthropogenic impact assessments in the northcentral
    coastal zone of Cuba"

    Jordan Rogers - "Afinidades negras"

    Tarika Sankar - "Indo-Caribbean Feminist Navigations in the United States: Jahajee Sisters and Community Organizing"

    Kapriskie Seide - "Bringing in the Black Body: A Qualitative Study of Acquired Physical Disability among Earthquake Survivors in Haiti"

    Dieyun Song - "Politics of Partnership: Colombian Engagement with the Ford Foundation, 1962-1972"

    Juan Vera - "Re-Imagining Expeditions: Communications and Community in the Time of Science"

    Adrianne Wilson - "Population structure and growth of lane snapper, a data limited species"

  • 2018 Tinker/UMIA Field Research Grant Recipients

    Matthew Davidson - "The Gospel of Health in Occupied Haiti"

    Lorella Di Gregorio - "Looking for Traces and Graces: a Mexican Route through Migratory Corridos and Exvotos"

    Marta Gierczyk -"Feeling the City: Immigrant Fiction and the Geographies of Urban Belonging"

    Lina Jardines del Cueto - "Islam as a New Religion among the Catholic and Afro Cubans"

    Belen Jimenez Fadrique - "Functional traits and climatic tolerances of woody bamboos along an Andes-Amazon transect"

    Timothy Perez - "Are long-term declines in growth rates of tropical trees due to thermal stress?"

    Craig Raffenberg - "Larval Fish Acoustic Space: Physical and Biological Noise and Signals"

    Shireen Rahimi - "How a Cuban coral reef will transition through human-induced change"

    Mary Soares - "Zika Virus Outbreak Response: Determining the Lessons Learned from the 2015/2016 Zika Outbreak in Brazil"

    Rafael Torralvo da Silva - "From Suassuna to Guerra-Peixe: 'The Armorial Music Movement in Brazil'- Constructing Notionsof Northeastern Identity Through Music and Literature"

  • 2017 Tinker/UMIA Field Research Grant Recipients

    Mario Ariza 

    Winter Beckles 

    Melissa Bumbach

    Kirch Grant 

    Alexander Lane

    Elizabeth Langley

    Nelson Marques

    Sorraya McFarlane

    Alexandra Puritz

    Shireen Rahimi

    Maria Veliz