Barrett Prize

The Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA) and Latin American Studies Program (LASP) are pleased to annually offer the Barrett Prize, which is awarded to the doctoral student who has produced the best dissertation at the University of Miami in the past year on a topic related to any aspect of Latin America and the Caribbean.
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  • 2021 Barrett Prize Recipients

    Liliane Lugo Herrera - “Mediated Archipelagos: Theater, Women and Media" 

  • 2020 Barrett Prize Recipients

    Rhoda K. Moise - “Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in Haitian Women Living in South Florida and the Central Plateau of Haiti” 

    Honorable mention ~

    Lorella Di Gregorio - "The Global Journey of Mexican and Southern Italian Cultural Products in the Time of Flows"

    Belén Fadrique - “Bamboo and its role as a key modulator of the structure and functioning of Andean and Amazonian forests” 


  • 2019 Barrett Prize Recipient

    Johann Besserer - "NGOS and North/South Relations in Sustainable Development in the Galapagos Islands"

  • 2018 Barrett Prize Recipients

    Ashley Marchante-Hoffman - "Giving Voice to Foreign-Born Latinx Youth: Trauma and Health in Primary Care" 

    Johna E. Rudzin - "The Influence of the Amazon-Orinoco River Plume on Hurricane Intensity in the Caribbean Sea" 

  • 2017 Barrett Prize Recipient

    Diego Lugo - "Land Concentration and Land Grabbing in the Colombian Frontier"

  • 2016 Barrett Prize Recipient

    Amanda Hintzen - "A Sugarcane Immigration Status: The History of Statelessness in the Dominican Republic"