2020 Distinguished Fellows

Call for Applicants
The University of Miami Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas (UMIA) and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Latin American Studies Program (LASP) announce the call for applications for the 2019-20 U-MIA Distinguished Fellows Program. This fellowship provides qualified Ph.D. candidates with a primary focus on Latin America, the Caribbean, or the diasporic communities of these regions with a tuition waiver and a full graduate stipend ($22,000) in exchange for their involvement in U-MIA and LASP initiatives. This year the fellowships will include up to two research fellows and one teaching fellow.

Distinguished Fellows’ responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, research assistance, fostering interdisciplinary exchange among doctoral students university-wide, and support for U-MIA and LASP programming. The teaching fellow will have the possibility of teaching one course in the LAS Program during the spring semester. Each Fellow’s time commitment will not exceed approximately 40 hours a month. The application deadline is April 15, 2019.

The awards will be offered to incoming Ph.D. students or students already enrolled in Ph.D. programs in any department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who have already been Distinguished Fellows may reapply, but at least two academic years must have passed between their appointments. Students may ask to be considered for the research fellowship, teaching fellowship or both.

Students must be fluent in Spanish, Portuguese or Haitian Creole and demonstrate a substantial research interest in Latin America, the Caribbean and/or their diasporic communities.

Application process
Applications must include the following and be submitted as one PDF file to MIA@miami.edu:

  • Completed application form (click here)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A Statement of Purpose from the student that describes the student’s educational and career goals, the project to be completed during the fellowship year and how the project will advance the student’s academic career (three double-space pages maximum, 12-point type)
  • For teaching fellowship applicants only: A proposed title and 250-word description of an undergraduate seminar the fellow would like to develop and teach under the guidance of Latin American Studies Program faculty. The description should cover the content and format of the class, and how it would draw from interdisciplinary perspectives to enrich understanding of a particular issue, problem or aspect of the region or its diasporic communities. Hemispheric approaches to Miami will also be considered.
  • A University of Miami transcript

Additionally, one letter of recommendation should be submitted from a UM faculty member. The letter should be submitted directly by the faculty member to MIA@miami.edu with the reference line “UMIA Distinguished Fellows Recommendation.”

Please contact Sallie Hughes, U-MIA Faculty Director and Senior Lead for Latin American Studies and Policy (shughes@miami.edu), with any questions that you may have about the application process