Merike Blofield

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-6116
1300 Campo Sano
1300 Campo Sano Ave
Room 160G
Merike Blofield is associate professor of political science (Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, 2003). A native of Finland, she has lived in Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and the United States. Blofield has published two-single-authored books (Care Work and Class: Domestic Workers’ Struggle for Equal Rights in Latin America, Pennsylvania...

Sallie L Hughes

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-8163
Wolfson Building
5100 Brunson Dr
Room 2016
Sallie Hughes, Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Management, earned her PhD in Latin American Studies from the Roger Thayer Stone Center at Tulane University. She is the Faculty Director and Senior Faculty Research Area Lead for Latin American Studies at UMIA. Hughes is author of Newsrooms in Conflict: Journalism...

Kate Ramsey

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-5581
Ashe Administration Building
1252 Memorial Dr
Room 625F
Kate Ramsey, Associate Professor in the Department of History in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami, earned her Ph.D. in 2002 from Columbia University. Ramsey works on Caribbean history and culture. Her research and teaching interests include the politics of religion, law, and performance in the Caribbean and the...

Francisco Valdes



(305) 284-5432
Meyer Law Library (G)
1311 Miller Dr
Room G369
Francisco Valdes, Professor of Law at the University of Miami, earned a B.A. in 1978 from the University of California at Berkeley, a J.D. with honors in 1984 from the University of Florida College of Law, and a J.S.M. in 1991 and a J.S.D. in 1994 from Stanford Law School.  Between law school and graduate work, he practiced as a civil...